GO Green

Go Green

Respecting and safeguarding the environment is a fundamental principle held by all UJDB Group companies.

The key programs being pursued by us under Go Green are:

Think Green

Thinking green leads to acting green – taking corrective action to make environmental responsibility a reality. We are sensitive to the environment and are advocating 3R’s of environmental protection- Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle.


Act Green

At UJDB , different environmental programs and green events are organized regularly. Employees participate in clean city drives/campaigns and other initiatives.

Eat Green

All the employees eat organically grown fresh vegetables and fruits and use reusable plates and cups to avoid wastage.

Grow Green

About 33% of the plant land area around UJJAIN DISTILLERIES (which is appx 13 acres) has green belt with plantation of Teak wood & Rose wood trees, coconut trees, Vegetable garden, fruit garden etc. A full time Horticulturist is dedicated for the field and monitors it regularly.