Cyber Security

Cyber Security is getting major emphasis in enterprise market because of increasing incidents of threats involving cyber espionage, cyber warfare and cyber terrorism. In this Mobile-first and Cloud-first world, cyber security issues are a major threat to the digital assets of corporate and government IT infrastructure. Cyber Security has therefore become an integral part of an organization and government’s security strategy.


Infinity helps you to define your security strategy and also enable you to monitor the risks and threats involving cyber threats.


Security Consulting and Review

We provide security consulting to help clients address their information security issues with our unique strategically planned approach. Our security consulting team is trained to provide you with insights on how to strengthen the security of your enterprise web applications.

Our Services Include:

  • Best security development practices.
  • Security review of the code, architecture and configuration.
  • Application, Server, Database and Network level security implementation

Security Testing

Our Security Testing service will help you to identify vulnerabilities in an enterprise system or an application to avoid loss of critical information to the external world.

Our Services Include:

  • OWASP Top 10 risk coverage
  • Web security audits

Security Training

Our security consultants are well acquainted with the threats and the risk involving Cyber Security. They are also well equipped to provide an exhaustive training session on Security Audits to safeguard your digital assets. The training includes the precautionary measures an organization needs to undertake to avoid future cyber-attacks while adhering to the security standards.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking plays a key role in strengthening the network security of an organization. This practice involves testing of an organization’s network to see if it is vulnerable to outside attacks. Our security professionals will attempt to bypass your system’s security to identify the threats and risks associated with it. They will also help you to understand and rectify the loopholes.

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