The DevOps Conventional enterprise implementations were often tied tolarge scale systems and are built over time with releases spannedacross months. The reality in the Digital era is quite different. The only way to keep up with the business demand and competitive nature of digital business is hitting consistent roll-out of application releases that meets quality benchmarks. The only way this is achieved is through a productive culture of collaboration between Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) team.

At Infinity, we leverage our experience in Open-Source technologies and software delivery to create a team proficient in DevOps practice. We leverage set of tools and processes instilled from our expertise to strategize and offer end to end DevOps implementation to ensure continuous delivery to our clients.



Advisory Services

DevOps feasibility study for your ongoing development. This study includes multiple assessments at various levels, infrastructure management and cost optimization recommendations.

DevOps Services

Integration and Migration

We help enterprise migrate their legacy applications using our common platform for DevOps cycle. Integrate your application with other solutions in your ecosystem including ERP, CRM, HRMS, ECM and more.


Our skilled team of DevOps technical professionals would consult and advise you in the best practices and effective change management strategies that would best enhance your delivery model.

End to End Support

Managing complete lifecycle of product and service delivery. Use Agile practices for your software maintenance to reduce the number of iterations and for more organized release strategy



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