Testing Services

Our testing service covers all aspects of verification and validation – functional, security, performance, automation, mobile, accessibility and compatibility testing – using only Open-Source tools. Our processes, templates and guidelines are CMM, ISO and IEEE standards compliant.


Our testing services include:

  • Application Health Check-up & Assessment
  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • Specialized Testing


Application Health Check-up & Assessment

Under this, our testing experts would evaluate your applications against the best practices and conduct

  • Profiling
  • Code Analysis
  • Code Coverage

Based on the analysis, we provide recommendations & create a testing process roadmap.

Manual Testing

Our test managers have expertise in ensuring that test coverage is complete and thorough, and also in proportion to the business risks involved. Our Manual Testing services include:

  • Unit Testing
  • Link Testing
  • Systems Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Early Life Support

Automated Functional Testing:

Automation adds-value by providing fast, efficient and consistently accurate test scripts. We specialize in the automation of manual test scripts and production of automated regression packs. We identify the optimal functional areas for automation and create automated test scripts that are easy to maintain and can be run repeatedly. Our Functional Test Automation service includes:

  • Identifying manual test scripts that can be automated
  • Calculating the return on investment on automated testing
  • Providing a structured test automation approach
  • Building modular based test automation scripts
  • Building automation frameworks based on keyword driven tests
  • Automating tests in agile projects and making them part of continuous integration
  • Providing cloud-based solutions for offshore test automation

Specialized Testing

Our focus is on improve the quality of service for clients during their transformation to emerging technologies & to achieve this we offer an array of specialized testing services which includes:

  • Performance Testing
  • Compatibility & Usability Testing
  • API & Web Service Testing
  • Digital and Mobility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • I18N & L10N

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